lørdag den 23. august 2014

Yes or No ?

Until vidre is 8. class okay ... A little crazy but awesome!!
I thought it is game that I already go in 8. grade However, I should really go in 9. grade.

I've finally realized that I'm in love! I have been a long time, I just wouldn't admit it. ..
I've told my girlfriends that it started in the summer holidays even though it was in 6. grade it as started.
We go trips every time I'm at my dad (my parents are divorced...) he calls it "our tradion" sweet
We're talking about nearly everything. He is a Gamer so when we Skype then I see him typically play! Love it!
The only problem is that I can not read him! If he likes me or if he believes we are just friends ...Every conversation we have start with "Heey beautiful ✨"
When we talk I can't get my eyes from him. I love when we get eye contact! It's fantastic!

From that you've read what do you think ?
He may like me?
Or he may not like me...

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